Fat Apples Cafe

Fat Apples Cafe

The lovely family that runs this place has got it absolutely right. Firstly, and I suppose most importantly when reviewing an eatery, the food; which is delicious, plentiful, locally sourced and it is also beautifully presented. Presentation is so very important to me; it just makes everything better in my world. With food I swear it makes it taste better. My husband Des and I were there for lunch last week. I had a green pea, lettuce and mint soup, which arrived garnished with a little sprig of mint and a wild garlic flower, beautiful! I didn’t take a photo because I’m not of the generation that photographs and posts everything they eat and drink, so you’ll just have to use your imagination (or go there yourself), it looked exquisite. Des had what is becoming known as his ‘usual’ for lunch and that is a crab sandwich. I often have one too; it is (in my opinion) the best crab sandwich in Cornwall. Local Helford crab, in yummy fresh bread served with their daily selection of salads, which are always varied, flavourful and of course stylishly presented. I have suggested that they publish a recipe book of their salads, as I always have the urge to recreate them at home never quite getting it right. Des is not a big salad muncher, he says he is not a rabbit, however at the Fat Apples he clears his plate; enough said.

The portions are generous which means we rarely have room for a cake but the options are many and simply mouthwatering, so we often purchase a slab of something sweet and delicious to take home and eat later – we are never disappointed.

The service is warm and friendly and efficient. It is our ‘go to’ place for lunch and breakfast – the breakfasts are legendary.

You can visit their Facebook here: Fat Apples Cafe, Porthallow